We (Karen and I) are in Houston for the IWF World Championships.  This is the first time they’ve been held in the USA in almost forty years. It is amazing to see the capabilities of these top lifters from all over the world.

Please check out this video I took of Om Yun-Chol of North Korea.  Not only did he win the men’s 56 kilo class, he also broke his own world record in this video with a 171kg clean and jerk.   This is over triple bodyweight!  There are only 5 others to have accomplished this astounding feat.   He falls to the ground at the end of the lift out of joy and his coaches ran onto the stage to hug him and pick him up.  I believe they even carried him off the stage.  He had one more attempt and made the crowd very happy by going for the world record total that has been in place for fifteen years.  He cleaned it beautifully and didn’t attempt the jerk.  He was amazing!


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