Becky and I made it to Dallas safely.  The livestream info is here.  Becky’s session is scheduled for 2pm Cali time on Wednesday.  We will keep you posted if things change.

Nutrition around hard or prolonged workouts

  1. Purpose of intra-training and immediate post nutrition:
    1. Blood glucose fuels activity=performance
    2. Spares glycogen for muscle growth/maintenance
      1. Glycogen: provides energy source for high intensity training and the storage of glycogen in muscles plays a role in muscle protein synthesis=BIG GUNS!
    3. Supports central nervous system=brain runs on glucose.
    4. Slows/Halts muscle catabolism during high volume training=Don’t eat your guns!
    5. It contains a protein and a carb, minimal to NO fat.
  2. Lack of this nutrition can lead to:
    1. Decrease in motivation/effort for that session
    2. If chronically low muscle glycogen, multi-session deficits
    3. Decrease in muscle growth
    4. RAVENOUS hunger which leads to poor choices and we’re back at number one.

So, what do you do?  Plan to consume a protein and carb drink during or directly after you workout.  You can also drink BCAAs prior to your workout and during.  If you are more of whole food kind of person, do the BCAAs in pills or choose a powder with minimal additives and higher glycemic fruits directly after training.  Then make sure you eat a whole food meal within 30-60mins after working out that will consist of a protein, carb, veggies, and minimal fat.

Tuesday’s WOD:


KB Shoulder Press: 5×5 heavy.  Do one arm at a time.  Make sure your trunk stays in neutral.


Not For Time: 4 Rounds

Pull Ups: Rx: 5 Rx+:10 Rx++: 15.  These can be strict or kipping and must be unbroken.

30 Sec Plate Pinch Hold  (15kg/10kg plates)

*Choose a band you can do 10 reps with unbroken or do the most challenging ring rows you can for ten unbroken reps.

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