Everyone has been improving by leaps and bounds, keep it up team!  Here is your chance to see some measurable improvements. Today’s WOD is the WOD of the month. You last did this on May 25, check your books before you start the workout and formulate a game plan. Sometimes the improvement doesn’t necessarily come from physical growth but growth in knowledge. Reflect back and see where you had the most difficulty with the squats and the push ups. Were you moving too fast? Was your breathing off? Did you use all of your rest time? Start looking at these sort of things and finding ways to make them better, I guarantee you’ll see some BIG improvements.

Wednesday’s WOD:

“WOD of the Month”

5 rounds NOT for time.  Your score is the total reps.

As many reps as possible of the following:

Back Squat (wt: 90kg, 70kg and scaled options: 50kg, 35kg we will add others as needed)

Push Ups

Rest between rounds up to 4 mins.

Compare to May 25th.  Use the same weight and see if you can improve upon your reps.

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