We are having a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day morning.  We will leave from the gym at 7am.  There will be multiple routes for different levels of runners.  We would love if every person, including non-members, would join us for this fun run.  In conjunction with this Turkey Trot, we are gathering donations for Community Food Pantry @ Bethel here in San Leandro.

Here is a list of what they need:  We usually need all kinds of canned goods – vegetables or fruits, soups, good sources of protein are canned tuna or chicken. We also could use pasta – either boxed or bagged as well as Macaroni & Cheese and cereals. We have a separate room where we store things that are especially appropriate for homeless people – soups that don’t require cooking – like Progresso & Campbell’s Chunky – preferably something with meat, like Chicken Noodle, beef barley – anything that is a source of protein. We also use Vienna Sausages, Spam, and smaller cans of vegetables and fruits with pop tops. Things that can be opened easily and don’t require a lot of preparation. Also very popular are Top Ramen-type soups.

There is a box on the counter by the kids area for donations.  Let’s make a big impact on their stocks at the Community Food Pantry!

Also, if you would like to be a leader for any of the run distances, please let us know.  We will have 10k/5k/1mi courses.

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