Hi Team,

The roof project started today and it is a bit rough in there during the day.  I encourage you all to attend in the early morning or evening to avoid the noise, mess, and worst smell.  If you don’t mind these things, you are welcome to attend class during the day, just be warned.  The back door is accessible by walking around the loading dock.  We are working with them to make sure this stays safe for everyone and doesn’t interfere with our classes too much.


For those of you ready to register for the Goblins and Ghouls Games, please use this link to register.  Please note this is the software we are very slowly migrating to from mindbody online.  It should recognize you by email if you use the same email I have on file for you.  You will need to answer the questions to claim your account, then you will be able to pay via cc.


Tuesday’s WOD:


One Arm Strict Press: 5RM.  Find a 5RM for each arm, this may be different.

More Strength/Skill:

5 Rounds of a Snatch Complex

This is a complex of: 3 snatch high pull/3 hang power snatch.

FOR RX+ ONLY: 3 SHP/2 hang power snatch/1 hang squat snatch.  You should only be doing this if you are very comfortable with the squat snatch.

Find your best in 5 sets after warm up.

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