Reminder, this Saturday is the Bring A Friend Day: CrossFit workout at 9am and Yoga at 10am.  Members party right after yoga, so around 10:30am.  We will have meat to grill.  Please bring a side to share.

Starting Monday, July 20th, we will have an Olympic weightlifting class at 4:30pm.  Like always, please sign up on MindBody.  The class fills up almost every week.   All levels are welcome.

Starting July 25th, we will have an open gym from 10-12 on Saturdays.  Please sign in under Self Directed Program if you utilize this time.

Tuesday’s WOD:


Push Jerk:  3reps increasing for 6-8 rounds.  Shoot for a weight that would be seen in a typical workout.

Conditioning/More Strength:

5 Rounds

3-10 Strict Pull Ups

5-8 Reps of KB or DB Shoulder Press

*The range of reps on the pull ups is based on your ability: example: if I can do 1 strict pull up on my own, but not two.  I would use either the small red or blue band for sets of three.  Or, if I can easily do 10 reps every round, do chest to bar.  The rep range on the shoulder press gives you a guidance on how heavy the weight should be.  The weight should be heavy enough to cause you to “fail” between 5-8reps.  “FAIL” means form starts going down.

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pj · July 15, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Hi Ruth! I would love to help out today after class!

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