Strength: Bent Over Row 3 Rep Max, Drop to 80% for an AMRAP


AMRAP 8min.

8 Plyo Push Ups Using A Plate (15kg/10kg plate) the link will work if you have facebook

10 Pistols alternating (Rx+: go overhead with a PVC/or a Bar/or the Plate for Push Ups)

12 DB Power Snatches  (wt: 45/30lbs)

*the plate for the push ups is for height, so no scaling.  You will appreciate Matt I and Jason for their efforts on Saturday.

**as always, if you are unable to do a full squat or have a history of any knee problems, sub 10 air squats for the pistols.  pistols are a high level skill and require a lot of strength and flexibility, be safe.

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