Is there a particular skill that you just haven’t been able to complete?  Here is a tip, work on it with laser focus.  Work on it all the time.  If you want to be able to do full strict pull ups without a band, you must be doing pull ups 4+ times per week.  If you want to do double unders, then you must practice them daily.  Does that mean you spend 30 mins on these skills?  Heck no, you will hurt yourself.  Just do 5 pull ups every day, 5 mins of jump rope, etc.  Waiting around for it to be in the programming or for someone to force you to do a skill will never get you that skill.  You must work on it on your own regularly.  Let’s use me as an example.  I have never done a muscle up.  My shoulders have been through a lot, so there have been full years where those positions weren’t even possible for me.  There have been other times, like the present, where my shoulders are nice and healthy.  During these times I write goals for myself to FINALLY get a muscle up.  Then I practice for like two weeks and gradually fade away.  Then I maybe practice once every two weeks.  At some point I look back on my goals and see the muscle up goal.   OHHHHHHHHHHH, a muscle up.  So, it’s no surprise I still have never done a muscle up.  If this sounds like you, ask yourself:  why is this my goal and why do I stop working on it.  If your why for making the goal in the first place isn’t that deeply important to you, you will not work hard enough to achieve it.  Either reevaluate and adjust it’s meaning or adjust the goal.  If the reason(s) for you stopping your efforts are related to difficulty or feeling constantly defeated, adjust the goal to smaller chunks so you feel accomplished.  Muscle up example:  Maybe a smaller goal would be to do a false grip hold for 15 seconds or to do a fifty pound weighted muscle up on the ring thing.  Once that is met, move to another chunk like do a false grip pull up all the way to sternum, etc.

Bottom line, work on the skill!


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