CrossFitAsGamesTo the CrossFit Day with the Oakland As.  Who would be interested in doing this again?

Please remember the Bring A Friend (or many) Day is July 18th.  Please have your friends register online to complete the waiver and let us know who is attending.  The workout will be completely doable for all levels.

Thursday’s WOD:


Double Unders: Max in one minute, three attempts.  Please try to get even one double under.  If you are unable to jump for any reason, please choose another skill that you would like to test and retest in the future.  For example, I might see how many burpees or pull ups or the like.


Clean High Pull/Hang Power Clean/Power Clean: heaviest you can with good and safe form.  If you are still learning the form, please do this complex a total of ten times with a light to moderate weight.


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