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@Regran_ed from @dr.jacob.harden – LOOSEN UP YOUR SHOULDERS . If I had to pick an area that I contiuously have to work on to maintain mobility, it's my shoulders. They don't go overhead super well so I have to put in work on the regular. Anyone else feel the same? . This was one of my routines I did last week to get them freed up after a hard pull day where my lats were feeling sore and tight. Here's what to do. . 🔹️Active stretching with some distraction 🔹️Range of motion work from quadruped getting as close to the wall as possible without compensating 🔹️Seated wall sweeps keeping the arms against the wall 🔹️Seated wall angels fighting to get overhead with as little rib flare as possible . The basic flow here is to go from some dynamic stretching sinking into the overhead position, to working on taking the shoulder through active motion via some FRC shoulder CARS, and then fighting into some end range positions where you have trouble in order to really lock in the range that you open up. The first couple may be easy but you should be fighting for those positions at the end. Put in some work and let's work on those shoulders together. 🙆🏻‍♂️ . Tag a friend with tight shoulders and share the wealth! . 🎵 Better – AJ Salvatore, Fluencee, & Bri Tolani . #Prehab101 – #regrann

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Here is a nice little series of exercises to help with your tight pecs/lats/thoracic spine.  Some of these probably look familiar to you all.  Consider throwing them in when you are NOT here.  The only way to truly change our bodies is to be consistent.  Doing some form of joint or muscle stretching/lengthening work daily would make a huge difference.

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