Who knew picking up heavy things and putting them back down could be so exciting?  Great job tonight to everyone!  PRs all over the place.  The records board has it’s first names! 

No one has said this to me, but maybe they thought it, so I wanted to talk about why we do so much deadlifting.  In my personal and professional opinion the deadlift is the most functional and important heavy lift you can master.  Now I do not believe everyone needs to have a goal of deadlifting 3x their bodyweight, but I do believe everyone should have proper form, be able to lift at least 1-1.5x their bodyweight, be able to perform without any injury, and recreate the movement during regular life.  Think about how you pick up a basket of laundry, a moving box, etc.   Being able to safely and efficiently get a heavy object off the ground is invaluable.  Even when I pick up JMax I do my best to use a proper deadlift even though he only weighs 18lbs.  Work the deadlift and learn exactly how to fire the right muscles to keep yourself safe out in the world.  Check out this picture to see the muscles.

Tuesday’s WOD:


5 Rounds

400m Run

15 overhead squats

wt: 42kg, 30kg

This workout is on the records board so give it your all.  Side note:  the records board is a way for us to acknowledge each other and push ourselves to do more.  To get on the board one of the coaches must see you and confirm the reps, wt, etc. for that workout.  If you have a tough time counting properly, ask for help.  I am always off by one and like to have a little help, so ask if you want to break a record and don’t trust your counting.   I will mount it on the wall after we get through this week.  Let’s do this!

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