Tomorrow we are going to increase our percentages again on the deadlift and possibly hit a new PR.  To have it count you must follow the rules listed below.  Ask if you are confused.

Here are the official rules from the International Powerlifting Federation:

The bar is laid on the platform facing the judges. The lifter picks it up in one continuous movement until reaching an upright position with shoulders locked.

On the signal “Down” from the chief referee, accompanied by a downward movement of the hand and arm, the lifter must return the bar to the platform.

Causes for disqualification, resulting in no lift, are:

  • Any downward movement of the bar before the lifter reaches the upright position
  • Failure to stand erect, with shoulders back and knees locked
  • Supporting the bar on the thighs during the lift
  • Movement of the feet in any direction during the lift (rocking on the heels is permitted)
  • Lowering the bar before the head judge’s signal
  • Allowing the bar to return to the platform without maintaining control with both hands

Monday’s WOD:
deadlift 8
5x 45%
4x 78%
3x 90%
2x 96.5%
1x 104%

If you have time and are feeling strong, feel free to go a little higher.  HOWEVER, don’t get greedy.

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