We normally run a workout on Thanksgiving, this year we are stepping it up a notch.  We are going to have a Thanksgiving Day Throwdown for our members only.  There will be three workouts and we will finish the whole business in less than an hour and half.  If you can squat, do burpees, walking lunges, and hold yourself on your hands like a plank, you can do this.  There will be jogging in the workout and rowing will not be an option, so you will walk if you are unable to jog.   This will be a team workout and you must pick your own teammate prior to the day of the event.  Look for a sign up sheet in the next week or so.   There may be a cap on the number of teams we will run through the workout, so if you know you are interested, sign up as soon as the sheet is put out.

Wednesday’s WOD:
Skill/Strength:  Turkish Get Ups 10 each side total.  Try something a little heavier than you usually use.  Make sure you maintain good form.



20 minutes “AMRAP”

400m Run

Max Pull Ups without coming off bar.  Your score is your TOTAL number of pull ups.

*compare to Sept. 5th

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