Did you guys weight some food?  Were you accurate?  This week we are going to test out substituting all grains for one meal a day.   If you have already decreased your grain intake, try going for 3 days straight, or the whole week.  You must eat something to replace it though so you don’t get to carb depleted.  So sweet potato, jicama, beets, etc.   Give some recipe ideas if you are already doing this.

Tuesday’s WOD:

Strength/Skill:  15mins

Split Jerk: 5x2reps, increasing.  You are looking for a heavy and perfect double.  If you are newer or not comfortable with the form, stay light.

Conditioning:  30min cap

“Ryan-esque”  (Ryan is a hero WOD)


5 Rounds

7 Pull Ups

7 Dips

21 Burpees


5 Rounds

7 Muscle Ups

21 Burpees

*If you are newer, please read the mod wod section on the board for suggestions.

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Paige H · April 8, 2014 at 7:26 pm

First weekday morning WOD ever. Thanks y’all!

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