Recipe By Sweet cheeks!


Sweet Potato hash

1-sweet potato(shredded in food processor)

1-red pepper-diced

1/2 cup cubed pre-cooked chicken (just use leftovers)



dash of salt

dash pepper

2 dashes of cinnamon

1 small dash chili powder

1 dash of cumin

In a fry pan on medium heat coat with olive oil. Add in sweet potatoes and cook until almost done. They will lighten in color and be soft. Next add in red peppers and seasoning. Then chicken. Voila! It’s done.

If you need more protein top with a fried egg or two!


Saturday’s WOD:

“Sorta Filthy Fifty”

50 Box jump (24, 20)

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings

50 Pistols (alternate legs 25 on each leg)

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press (wt: 20kg, 15kg)

50 Wall ball shots (20lbs, 14lbs)

50 Burpees

50 Double unders


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kate · February 4, 2012 at 12:01 am

Have soccer try outs so I’m going to miss it :/
I like a good filthy!

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