Reminder: Monday’s class times are 5/6/9am, 12pm/4:30pm.  Open gym 10am-12pm.  NO Specialty Classes!  Happy Labor Day.

Sunday’s WOD:

Teams Of Two Complete 4 Rounds of the Following:

30 DB Power Snatch (handstand hold) wt: you choose.  does not have to be alternating.

30 Toes To Bar (hollow hold)

30 Push Ups (plank)

Suitcase Carry To Cement Wall and Back (side plank) use KB or DB.

**While one teammate is working through reps of the exercise, other teammate is performing the hold.  If either teammate rests, the other rests EXCEPT on the suitcase carry/side plank.  Teammates probably won’t be able to see each other, so just complete the carry and switch.


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