Ok, so you would be rich if you had a dime for every time one of the coaches said get lower, butt down, deeper squat, etc.  Sick of hearing it and just want to get through the workout?  Or maybe you think we are just being picky.  Here is the bottom line, no pun intended.  Squatting PAST parallel (femurs parallel with ground) means you are pulling in the muscles of the back of your legs, the hamstrings and gluts (the ol’ buttocks).  Without using the back of your legs, the front does too much and eventually starts to pull on your knee in an unnatural way.  This could cause pain, less force generation, more stress on your other joints, and numerous other problems.  By the way, less force generation=less weight you can put up.  Not good.

So the next time you hear us say “lower” and “butt back”, happily comply knowing that you are improving your joint health and improving your performance.  Even if this feels difficult and like you aren’t doing a great job at first, keep working on the movement. 

Tuesday’s WOD:  This is a benchmark WOD that is on the records board.  Give it your all.


5 Rounds

400m Run

Overhead Squats 15 reps

wt: 43kg, 30kg

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