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Have you guys heard of Kevin Ogar?  The CrossFit athlete who suffered a catastrophic injury during a CrossFit competition?  He severed his spinal cord at level T11-T12, per the reports on the website.  The CrossFit community is rallying behind him to raise funds to help him pay for his medical bills and loss of wages, etc.  I would love to help this guy out as well.  We are going to host his WOD this Saturday during the regularly scheduled classes and at 10am.  Here is how we will raise money:  those who would like to support Kevin and do the WOD in his honor, we will not deduct this class from your membership.  Instead, we would like you to kick in 5-10 bucks.  All the money raised from our members and drop ins from other gyms will go directly to Kevin Ogar’s fund.   If you have no interest in donating money, no worries at all, we will just treat it like normal class and deduct from your membership like always.  No pressure either way.  To learn more about him, visit

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