Our weight cycle is coming to an end next week and I wanted to touch on a few things about lifting and progression in general.   I am really excited at the gains a lot of us made over the 12 weeks.  To hit all of the numbers in a cycle like the one we are on you must hit every workout and every lift or redo that workout after ample rest.  This is a must!  There is no way, unless we were completley off on your 1RM or you were truly a beginner, that you could do things like 3×2 at 100% if you hadn’t already hit all the previous weights.  And even then you may be having an off day.  All is not lost if you don’t hit 107%, the ultimate goal is to get stronger and if you hit 105% you are stronger!  If you are consistently not hitting the weights or not progressing with your weights, ask yourself this: are you consistently doing the weightlifting workouts?  Are you hitting it as hard as you need to?  Trust me when I say that the weights scare me a bit too, but I know it’s what I must do to reach my personal goals.  Moral of the story consistency + intensity = results.

In regards to results, what kind of results are you looking for?  Are you training for a sport, for work, to lose weight, or because you like that alive feeling you get after a hard work out.  What you really want out of your training program dictates how you approach the program.  Figure out what you want and then plan accordingly.  The more you want the more you must give.   That means more time training, pushing outside of your comfort zone when in the gym, and honoring your efforts outside of the gym i.e. sleep, water, good food.   Now I know the workouts are tough and you might be thinking OMG work harder?  Yes, we all have a little more to give.  Could I have finished that last round of wall balls today unbroken? Hell yes!

To help with these results, we are going to start a program.  This program is for all monthly members.  Every month you get 15 minute one on one time with one of the coaches to focus on your specific goals, things holding you back, nutrition, etc.  I will get a schedule up for you to sign up.

Thursday’s WOD:

40 Pull Ups

40 Dips

You must complete all the reps for that particular exercise in a row, every time you rest, you do a suicide run.  For time.


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