Let’s discuss showing up for class when you are well below your best.  Examples: your first class after two weeks of the flu, coming directly from a long flight, no food or drink on your stomach, hungover, feel sick, etc.  Why are we discussing this?  So you can be more informed about what to do with your body to reach your goals and stay safe.  Let’s take each example and talk about it more.

1.  First class after the flu:  this is pretty obvious, your body is not in the condition it was two weeks ago.  The first week back, go lighter on the intensity and see how your body responds.  I see lots of people want to jump right back in without realizing that their body is fatigued and trying to rebuild from a major disruption in it’s function.  Fatigue during high intensity exercise, highly technical movements, or very heavy loads mixed with less than optimal form is the perfect recipe for injury pie.   Ease back in.

2. Coming in directly from a long flight:  I am absolutely not saying you shouldn’t attend a class after a flight, I think you definitely should attend!  I just want you to recognize the affect sitting for many hours in a row has on your back/hip flexors/etc.  You may also be off your hydration game.  It’s important to get in an extra warm up before class and consider the workout.  If it’s a max deadlift or back squat, maybe it’s not the day for you to go for a PR.  Live to fight another day.

3.  Hungover:  I know tons of you do this and it seems completely innocuous.  The problem I have with this is your body is not firing on all cylinders due to fatigue, decreased focus, possible dehydration, etc. and you are in here trying to get your body in tip top shape.  It’s kind of contradictory.  Now, I am not saying you should skip your routine if you went out for a few drinks.  Come in for class, just be aware of your body and judge your efforts accordingly.  Now, if you went out and got absolutely blasted and you’re feeling nauseated, dehydrated, etc.  Keep yourself at home.  Being significantly dehydrated can lead to some serious complications that are only worsened by intense workouts.  And to be honest, I am not trying to clean up your puke or deal with an emergency situation because you decided to down a bottle of vodka.  Be smart.

4.  No food or drink prior to workout:  This happens in the early morning classes every day.  I know this and I would be right there with you if I were ever to workout at 5am or 6am.  I encourage you to bring a little gatorade or coconut water or the like with you if you are not accustomed to working out without any nutrition in your system.  I have seen so many low blood sugar situations since starting CFSL.  We always have something here to help you out if this happens, so just ask.  It’s not my intention to make anyone feel guilty about this, trust me we have all been there.  I  just want you to be aware of what could happen and be prepared.

5.  Feeling sick:  fevers stay at home, period.  Head colds, I prefer you don’t germify us all, but if you do come in, just drink extra water and be careful when on the pull up bars or jumping as your balance may be off.

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