CrossFit Group Class Training 

Prices are based on number of times per week you plan to attend and are a monthly charge.  CrossFit classes, olympic weightlifting classes, powerlifting, and rowing all fall under this pricing. All memberships are paid via a monthly auto pay: (To enter CrossFit Group Classes, you must have taken CrossFit Basics or the CrossFit Private Intros or spoken with Ruth.  email:  

Two Times Per Week:      $125

Three Times Per Week:   $150

Four Times Per Week:     $170

Monthly Unlimited:          $190

Pay Now

Please be aware that this will sign you up for monthly auto-payment.  You are responsible for the draft monthly until you cancel via email or written notification.

Drop-In Fee:    $20 

Visiting our area?  In need of a WOD?  If you are currently a member of another CrossFit Facility, you are welcome to drop in to our classes or open gym time.  Please register through the schedule for the class or open gym time you would like to attend.  This will take care of the waiver and payment ahead of time.

Please email with questions.

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Harmony Health Group Classes

Harmony Class Drop In: $25

Harmony Class 10 Pack: $200

Register for Harmony Classes here.

Private Training

We also offer personal training, Olympic weightlifting coaching, and physical therapy.  Prices range from $50-$125 per session based on length and complexity of session.  For specific prices on these, please email us at