IMG_0583 IMG_0582I just wanted to highlight two areas where I see simple fixes in posture that would make a big difference in neck health.  (Sorry for the photo quality.)  In the first photo I am keeping my neck and head in neutral while jogging.  In the second I am letting my chin go forward and neck fall into extension.  What’s worse is that without realizing it, my entire body in the second photo broke down just because I changed my neck position.  This may seem comical to some of you, but I see the second photo position several times a day during running WODs.   Focus on your neck position next time you are out for a jog.

IMG_0575 IMG_0576Driving is another place I see terrible posture.  I really want to make a sign for when I am driving that says SIT UP and PULL YOUR CHIN DOWN!  In the first photo my chin is way forward, my upper back is rounded, and I basically gave up on holding my head up.  The second photo I made the back rest a little more upright, pulled my chin down to be in neutral, brought my hands down to a more comfortable spot.  Please check yourself before you wreck yourself while driving.



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Love this info

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