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Holistic Nutritionist
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SIDE NOTE: Anyone willing to help us rearrange the DBs/KBs/Bikes/GHDs tomorrow after noon class?  I could bring some food to entice you or give you Kill Cliff upon completion!  We are rearranging for some exciting changes.  Post to comments or email me if you are willing and able.
Wednesday’s WOD:
Cleans:  2reps increasing for 8 sets.  Looking for near max, but form must be great!  If you are not comfortable with this move yet, work on 8x2reps at a light weight.  Yes, these are full squats.

Teams of Two Complete the Following:
3 Rounds
40 Deadlifts  (wt: 85kg/60kg)
400m Run
*2 min bike is only modification, no rowing.  One teammate holds plank while other does deadlifts, switch as needed breaking up reps as you like.
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