Below is a video of the women’s obstacle course from the CrossFit Games!!!

Obstacles, how can we overcome them?! Here is a link with some ideas by My Supercharged Life, you can read the entire article here!

1.  Troubleshoot and diagnose the root cause

The quickest way to solve any problem is to find its root cause.  What is at the very source of the issue?  It usually takes some time to determine this.  However, the time is well spent because once you know the root cause, then you can address it and move on.  With people, they often oppose you out of fear.  You need to determine exactly what it is about the action you are taking that makes them afraid and address it with them.  Here’s a hint, it usually isn’t the first thing they tell you.

2.  Listen to your gut instinct.

I can’t count the times that I solved problems by simply following my gut.  For me, This is the nagging little idea in the back of my head that doesn’t really seem logical, but ends up being the solution anyway.  In almost every case, I try to dismiss it by reasoning that it couldn’t possibly be the right thing to try.  However, once I give in, I find that it leads me exactly to the solution I desired.  Listen to your gut.  It often knows what to do.


Thursday’s WOD:

Strength: 1RM Back Squat


6 Rounds

9 Toes 2 Bar

9 Deadlifts (wt: 90kg, 65kg)

*if you would like to go heavier on the deadlift, you may choose your weight.  please no dumping from the top.


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