On Mondays I like to find you all articles about mental things to help us all be the best we can be.  This week I couldn’t find anything great about New Year’s resolutions.  I did find that only 8% of people actually complete them.  Most articles were all fluffy, flowery junk that won’t help any of us stick to these goals.  Here is what has helped me over the years, maybe it will be helpful to someone.  I make initiatives instead of resolutions or goals.  These are things I am working toward, there is not necessarily an end point.  The focus is on the consistent effort of the initiative.  One year I had a trunk exercise initiative.  I just wanted to do at least 1 minute of trunk exercise (to control a 15+ yr history of back troubles) every single day.  The reward was obvious, a happier back.  But if I missed it, I didn’t fail, I just got back to it the next day.  What works for you guys?  What initiatives will you have this year?

A big one that I would really like to get everyone at CFSL on, is a great nutrition plan initiative!

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