Good work on the squats today.  New PRs!  I know the blog is having issues redirecting from the old blog.  I will get it fixed when I figure out how to. 

There is an article in the Catalyst Performance Menu that I thought I would share a little portion that I think we could all chew on.

"If you’ve been using the same training program for 3 months but haven’t really seen any changes in the last 6 weeks, it’s probably time to up the intensity. If you’re a relative beginner to training or getting back into it after a long layoff and you feel like you’re going to die during each workout because you’re practically killing yourself, it’s probably a safe bet you’re doing too much."

Where do you fall into this spectrum?  Are you still seeing gains, are you plateauing, or are you on death's door every workout?  Have questions of what to do to see better results, grab a coach and get their advice.


Bry in the middle of a burpee. 

Saturday's WOD:



Box Jumps

Clean wt. is 50kg, 35kg

This is a quick workout and I want you to do the heaviest weight you can perform with good form.  Haven't mastered a clean?  Worry not, we will help you and scale as necessary.  Also, expect to see more cleans and front squats showing up as we prepare for the Amazing Grace fundraiser.

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