I see lots of the little pins are moving on the push up challenge.  How are you guys doing?  Getting better at those push ups?

I have a request.  If you have a testimonial about how CFSL has helped you, will you please email to me for use on the website?  It would be great to showcase the hard work of our members and how CFSL has impacted their lives.  If you are shy, we can use just your initials and/or only show faceless photos.  Please email info@crossfitsl.net with your awesomeness.

Monday’s WOD:


Sumo Deadlift:  5x3reps @~85% of best deadlift.


3 Rnds: 2min on/1min off

250m Row

30 Double Unders

*Everyone must start on the row, so you will start in heats.  Talk with coach for modifications.  Remember, the deadlift is heavy, so be serious about your warm up.

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