One of your new teammates has a great offer for all of us.  Please read the following to understand what she does.

Hi everyone,

We may or may not have met, my name is Keira and I recently joined San Leandro Crossfit.  I run a small business cooking and delivering home cooked, organic meals to busy families in the East Bay.  I’ve recently added a “Paleo” menu to be delivered on Mondays! I thought that this might interest some of you as I know everyone is trying to eat healthy and it can be difficult to cook for yourselves and your families…. everyday.

How it works:

I send out an email to anyone that is interested on the Friday before the upcoming Monday.  In the email I state what the meal for that Monday will be.  If you are interested you can shoot me an email or call me before Monday morning too place your order.  The meals are cooked on that day and I usually deliver by 4:00 or 5:00.  If you are not home (most people aren’t) I leave the meal on the front or back porch.  Some people leave a check hidden somewhere or mail me a check when they place their order.  I deliver the dinners in reusable containers.  If you order on a regular basis then I will pick up the container the next time I drop off.  if not, then I don’t worry about getting the container back.

The fee is $40.00 for a family of four, $10.00 per serving.  I prefer to deliver servings of two or more (preferably four) anything below that is not profitable for me after delivery.  If you want more I can do that!

The menu will be strictly Paleo!
I take requests!

Keira Floersch

This Monday’s dinner will be— Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Artichoke, Spinach and Pine Nuts!

Thursday’s WOD:

Handstand Push Up Work

5 to 7 sets of 2-3 reps.  If you can do HSPU like it’s nobody’s business, put a light weight vest or try them on parallettes.  If you can’t even think of going upside down, work on modified HSPU.


2 Rounds of 2 minute stations:

Light Kettlebell Swings

Dumbbell Split Jerk




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