Good work today.  For a clarification on the weightlifting spreadsheet;
when your number comes out 112.7 just round to 113 or if it is something like
51.3 then either round it to 51, 51.5 or 52, you be the judge.  (Do your sheet in kilos! 
Take your weight in lbs and divide by 2.2  JUST DO IT!) 
I didn’t round the spreadsheet ahead of time because I want the numbers as close
as possible to the original percentage.  Do not adjust 1 RM until we go for it again
after the 12 week cycle, unless we have discussed this and I adjusted it for a reason.
Tuesday’s WOD:
3 Rounds For Time
15 Hang Squat Cleans
15 Box Jumps
wt: 135, 95
We have a lot of new equipment on it’s way!  Exciting. 
We are considering one of these, tell me what you think:
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