Sarah Robles took home the bronze medal on Sunday in the over 75kg class.  This is the first weightlifting medal for the USA in 16 years.  The level of nastiness I read about her when she made the team was appalling.  You can google her and read about her suspension for a banned substance, etc.   Make sure to also read that in the face of all that negativity and criticism, she focused on having “Sarah’s Day”.  She focused on doing her best, not the medals, not the people, nothing.  She came away with a medal that broke our drought.

“Overall, this quad has been the most challenging mentally for me, just trying to overcome my own self-doubts and trying to erase the negativity of a lot of people around me,” Robles said. “I finally realized that the results, the medals, that’s really not what we’re here for. We’re here for the process and we’re here for the learning experiences and we’re here to represent our country and that day I was crying my eyes out thinking about my own experiences. I had an overwhelming sense of American pride and Olympism.” Read more.

How can we apply this to our own lives? Make it about the process, focus on our best, let the rest sort itself out.


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