I’ve posted this link before, but thought it was important to post again.  There are lots of articles out there about All or Nothing thinking and how it is so limiting.  I just wanted to give a few examples where letting this go has really helped me.  There are so many days where I just completely run out of time and the 10 things on my workout sheet for that day are not going to get done.  The previous me would be pissed and just say forget it, I will try again tomorrow.  Now I just start and get as far as I can or pick the items that make the biggest impact on my goals.  If I only do one thing, that’s ok, it’s better than nothing.  The other place I’ve changed the all or nothing attitude is with my eating.  The old me would eat something off my plan and then think “I’ve messed this up, I will start over tomorrow.”  Then I would proceed to eat whatever I wanted the rest of the day.  Now, if I go off the plan, I let it go and focus on the next meal.  No big deal.  Do you guys fall into this mentality?

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