Ok, I have been out of touch with my Mentality Monday posts!  Let’s start off with one about what works for each of us individually.  Here is a guest post on one of my favorite websites about the mental game.

Personally, I find the approach listed in the article to be very helpful in my competitions and in business.   Through the years of training others, I’ve seen and used a vast array of things to help inspire people to do their best.   It’s important to find what works for you.  Try out different things and see what has the best outcome.  The outcome may not always be about the performance or business meeting or whatever, it might be about the feeling you have about yourself.  I recently was having a tough lifting session and used everything I could think of to get myself to lift well.   At the end of it, I was ok with the lifts I made, but I was exhausted.  I remember feeling like I just had a 45min fight with someone and it ended in a draw.  The outcome in regards to my lifts were decent enough.  The outcome around how I felt, was not so decent.  Just something to make note of for the future to improve.

What works for you?

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