Paying attention to your senses.  This is one of the fun things about having little kids, they notice the small things we sometimes overlook because we are so busy.   Who will practice this during the week?

Monday’s WOD:


Back Squat: Heavy 3reps, then drop to 75% for 10reps


AMRAP 10min

25 Air Squats

Farmer’s Carry to Cement Wall (you choose, should be challenging)

*On the back squat, stop when form is becoming hard to maintain.  Do not go for something with your form going to the pooper, lose the bar over your head, lie in a heap on the floor, and give everyone around you a heart attack.  Do good, quality sets of three until it becomes a real struggle and then be done.   Drop set should make you breathe hard.   **On the second piece, don’t go over 6 rounds, please.  I want your legs to function the rest of the week.

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