Happy Monday.  We probably all have a few bad habits when we walk into CFSL.  Some are more detrimental than others.  I have a VERY BAD habit of doubting myself and bitching!  The bitching is just a cover for the fact I doubt I can even do whatever it is I am about to do.  This of course comes up more with things I am not as confident with, like pull ups.  Squatting or lifting I am confident, so I have these habits come up less.  What kinds of habits do you all have?  Are these habits interfering with your quest for greatness?  Here is a short list to think about.

How to perform a bear crawl.

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Quay · November 9, 2015 at 10:23 pm

One of my many bad habits is using bad language when i cant perform a movement. As of today, i will stop putting that bad energy out there and focus on completing the task with positive comments instead.

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