Optimistic Realism.   I like this idea a lot.  I think superficial positive feelings about something don’t really do much for a person.  Connecting with the feelings makes the difference.  To truly believe something can happen is where the good stuff comes from.  Saying out loud I can lift a certain amount of weight does me no good if deep down inside I don’t believe it to be possible.   Connect with what you are putting out there.

REMINDER: Today is a holiday.  Holiday schedule: 8am/9am/12pm, open gym 10-12.


Please help us welcome new coach Matt Johnson to CrossFit San Leandro.  We are excited to have him join our team!  When I have a photo of his awesome face, I will add to our website.

Matt started his CrossFit journey in 2014 after becoming bored with the same old bodybuilding programs and unstructured nature of an average gym. He gave CrossFit a try and has not turned back since. Matt fell in love with the ever changing and evolving nature of CrossFit and became a level one trainer within 6 months of starting. One year into CrossFit, Matt found that his Olympic lifting lacked technique, and took a 6 month CrossFit hiatus to focus on the sport of Olympic lifting. After returning to CrossFit, he found that his weaknesses became strengths and his strengths became stronger. Matt also holds a CrossFit Football Trainers Certificate and is a Certified Personal Trainer.  He held the position of Strength and Conditioning Coach for Glendora High School Basketball and Water Polo.  

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