Tomorrow we will do the workout named Murph in honor of Memorial Day.  The class times are 8/9/12 and open gym 10-12.  There will be several scaling options, so please plan to do the WOD even if it scares you.  We can build a suitable version for your current level.    This year we will have members from South Fremont CrossFit joining us in the 8am WOD.   Please welcome them, show them where things are, and cheer them on.

Some tips to make this run smoothly:

  1.  Class sizes are usually pretty big.  Share and be mindful of your teammates.
  2.  This workout takes lots of people well over an hour.  If this is you, please plan to start before noon, because Joanie will be going home to her family at 1:20pm.
  3.   Cheer your teammates on all the way to the finish.  This workout can be deeply personal to many.  Support each other.
  4.  You do not need to check in, this class will not count toward your visits.  BUT you could write your  name on the board and your time to help Joanie out.
  5.   Enjoy the experience.


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