How to take care of your hands:

Hand care is very important. You have probably noticed by now that your hands are a little tired, growing calluses, and are getting rougher. The best things you can do for your hands is to shave down your calluses. My favorite callus reduction instrument is the one you buy in the foot care section. 

Like this.

Hand blisters and tears:

Occasionally the friction from the bar or other equipment we use may cause a blister which may open. These can be painful and limit your training so the best treatment is prevention. The best prevention is taking care of your calluses by making sure they aren’t jagged or too large. See above about how to manage calluses. Other ways to prevent them is to use only the minimal amount of chalk to dry off your hands and tape when appropriate. The more chalk you use, the more friction builds up and the more likely you are to blister and tear. Taping your hands to protect them is appropriate when you have an area on your hand that is already sensitive, when using a new bar like at someone else’s gym, or if we are doing very high rep barbell movements. Ask for assistance if you haven’t a clue how to tape. If you do get a blister or tear on your hands, clean it immediately with soap and water, clean off your station with the wipes, and modify the remainder of the exercise. It is NOT heroic to continue with a torn hand, it’s just setting you up for risk of infection, worsening of the injury leaving you unable to participate for a greater length of time. Just stop and do something else. To care for them after this has happened, keep it clean and safe from the outside world. People have differing opinions on keeping it dry or moist. My wound care background says to keep it moist with something like neosporin or triple antibiotic cream.

Shoes for different occasions:

Shoes can be very helpful when you are trying to do specific things here at the gym. For example if it is a lifting day weightlifting shoes or flat shoes like Chuck Taylor’s are the best. For our workouts that contain lifting as well as running you will want to wear your most comfortable running shoe that has the least amount of padding. Shoes that contain a huge padded heal, though they cause you to feel like you’re walking on fluffy clouds actually make it hard for you to balance and cause your feet to be weak.

How to clean up after yourself:

Be sure to put everything back where you found it. If you got sweat or blood on it, please wash it with a disinfectant wipe. Also, please be sure to double-check the boxes and their size before you stack them. They tend to stick when they are not matching sizes.

How to be safe in the gym:

Please use sleeves/collars on your bar at all times unless instructed otherwise by your coach. Be aware of your surroundings especially if you are throwing weights overhead.


Reread the code of honor from time to time. It’s on the back wall, FYI.