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Ruth-Motional Section

Holy pile of poop.  I think about this newsletter for several days leading into it, reminding myself to put things in or what to talk about.  I’ve written this section in my head maybe 100 times this week, all because of different things that have happened this week.  Just when I thought I had it down, last night happened.  For those of you that don’t follow CrossFit Headquarters, the CEO made a remark on Twitter I can’t let slide.   So, let’s back up.  This week I haven’t known how to handle all this pain for you all.  Honestly, if I am being fair to myself, who does?  I don’t love social media, I think it generates a lot of negativity.  So I do my best to keep our social media just about you guys and your accomplishments.  But I felt badly, like maybe you guys didn’t know that I stand for social justice 100%.  I always have.  Ask me about my younger life.   I wanted to tell you how I think our little community is impacting social reform just by small, daily interactions.  I wanted to tell you all my ideas on improvements.  I felt immense pressure internally to tell you all the things to make sure you know how I feel.  I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Then two things happened, I looked at two photographs from this week and last night’s tweet.  The photos were of us doing our fitness-ing together.  We are a diverse group.  Diverse in skin color/shade, in cultural heritage, in education, in professions, in language, in sexual orientation, in age, in religion.  Could we be more diverse?   Absolutely.  I am still proud of the actions we’ve taken to make this a welcoming place for everyone.  The tweet last night from the CEO broke my little heart.  I love CrossFit, this has been a huge part of my life for 13 years, it helped me create CFSL.  I have asked myself “how could he rectify this situation” and no amount of words would rectify.  And then it hit me.  All the telling and all the words in the world are meaningless without action.  

Who we are: we are a community that raises 17k for the camp for the blind, 8k for Courageous Women in Oakland, donate backpacks yearly for our local kids who are in shelters, supply food every year for the pantry.  We are a community that sits with each other in the most painful times of our lives.  We are a community that doesn’t put up with shitty treatment toward each other.  We are a community that shows through consistent action that we respect and love our teammates and our outside community.  

My action steps right now:  

Many owners, including myself, will demand a change in leadership and explanation of WTAF is going on up there.  It won’t happen, but worth a shot.  Then we will likely rebrand completely.  

 I also wanted to work on making a whole new section of Hero WODs with BTWB for heroes that changed the world.  That seems kind of trivial, at this point, but I still will work on it.  

I will continue to push for us to participate in fundraisers for our local community charities/shelters/food banks.  

I will continue to create a positive social media space for all of you to just take a deep breath in and enjoy each other. 

I(we) will not support a brand that dismisses people, their pain, their experiences.

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Tami · June 7, 2020 at 4:03 pm

I am thankful and very proud to call CFSL home. Thank you, Ruth.

Matt · June 7, 2020 at 11:33 pm

I’m not a member anymore, but Ruth, I want you to know that I support you (morally speaking, not financially obviously because I can’t afford it haha). Thanks for all you do for the CFSL family.

Beth · June 8, 2020 at 1:10 pm

Thanks Ruth, for addressing this very difficult issue(s). I appreciate CFSL even when you/we remove CF from the gym name, I stand with you and the amazing community!

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