Congratulations to all those that participated in the 2013 CrossFit Games Open.  And thank you to all of you who came to watch/judge/cheer/etc.

Monday’s WOD:

Conditioning/Skill: Wall Ball Ladder: Clock will run for 5 mins.  Every minute you will complete a certain number of wall balls depending upon your level.  If you do not make the specified number for that minute, go on to the next number and do your best to make that goal.

Mod WOD: 5/10/15/10/5

Rx: 10/15/20/15/10

Rx+:15/20/25/20/15  (ex: min 1 I do 15, min 2 I do 20, min 3 I do 25, etc)


3 Rounds, 1 Minute Stations  (no rest between rounds)

KB Swings (American)

Double Unders

*score is total number of reps.  *mod WOD is singles or box taps for double unders.

Extra Credit/Cash Out: 10 sec hollow hold/30 sec side plank. do this twice to get both sides.



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