Some thoughts on hand rips.

1.  Re-gripping or moving your hands a lot during the set.   Reduce the amount of friction by not moving around so much on the bar.  If you are re-gripping every 2-3 reps, this is way too much and will definitely lead you to rips.  Stay put!

2.  Too much chalk.  Remember, chalk is simply for drying your hands off.  More chalk equals sandpaper in your hands.  Maybe you’ve seen gymnasts chalk up excessively prior to their bar performance, so you thought this must be helpful.  Did you also notice that they actually wear full on hand grips?  Check these out. 
Not the same as your skin.

3.  Grip is off.  This one will be harder for some people to adjust to.  Gripping the bar in the palm of your hands will definitely lead to a pinch of the skin along the callus line.  Check out this video for an explanation.  For the record, we prefer your thumb be around the bar.

4.  Too darn sweaty!  Bring a towel.

Now, if you do end up with a hand injury, clean it immediately, keep it moist with ointment, and covered when around germs. YUCKY GERMS!  Remember to clean off anything you touched while working out.

And, finally, here is a Demo video on making your own protective hand wraps from tape.

Happy hands, everyone!


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