Good work this month guys!!! There are a lot of PR’s on the board! Everyone is making amazing progress. Its time to think up new goals, March  is here!!!

I am really liking the way this board is keeping us all focused on our goals and rewarding ourselves for our accomplishments, big or small.  I want to remind everyone to write on the PR board for the month.   There were a ton of people who PR’d yesterday on the box jumps, yet I didn’t see any of those written up there.  Write those things up there!  You did it!  Even if you think it isn’t as cool as someone else’s PR, put it up.  A personal record is just that, personal to you.  It’s not about anyone else, just you and what you have worked hard to achieve. 

Thursday’s WOD:

Skills:  KB Windmills

Weighted Pull Ups: find a 1 RM

Strength:  Front Squat 5×5


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