There are quite a few of you that I have barked out rehab exercises to and there are a few of us who are doing them on the regular.  I call anything that is focusing on fixing or preventing problems rehab exercises.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to actually talk a little about them.  It’s particularly humerous to me that we avoid these little exercises or don’t really take them seriously considering what kinds of workouts we do in our regular WOD.  These exercises are not that difficult, maybe a little boring, but they can keep you so very healthy!  And you do not have to have an injury to benefit from them.  Remember, I said preventiong as well.  I am just going to do this in a quick, FAQ format. 

Here are the common questions I get about rehab type or physical therapy type exercises that we give to people.
1.  If I workout and lift weights, aren’t I already strong enough?
No, we are focusing on the small stabilizing muscles or injured muscles with these isolation type exercises.  If you injured a joint or muscle previously and didn’t thoroughly rehab, it may not have healed thoroughly.  Your large muscles may appear big and strong, but the little ones could be a different story.  And if the exercises are to focus on flexiblity, you must do extra work.

2.  Aren’t I working the same muscles during our regular class?
Nope, you body is amazing at compensating and using alternate muscles to get by.  This will eventually lead to the one compensating being overused while never really dealing with the original problem area.  Now you have two problems for the price of one.

3.  Ok, I will do them, but every day, really?
Yes, every day if you are actively in an injury or painful state.  3-4xweek for chronic or preventative situation.

4.  How long do I have to do them?
As long as you want to be healthy.  As soon as I or any of the people we work with start slacking off, their bodies start going back to the old pattern that caused them problems in the first place.

Think of these types of exercises as body maintenance.  A small tune up every day. This is how you maintain a healthy and functional existence.  There are pictures of some of the most common exercises we use with people right above the white shelf where you store your belongings.  Take a look and ask for assistance if you aren’t sure how to perform.  As always, nothing should cause pain or irritation. 

Friday’s WOD:

Front Squat: 3-3-3-3-3 increasing each set



Toes To Bar


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ChrissyB · January 12, 2012 at 9:09 pm

Can’t wait!! Lovin toes to bar these days!

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