Please read the following and choose what best fits you.

A.  If you have significant CrossFit experience (at least a few months), you are welcome to sign up for any of our CrossFit Classes! Signup for a membership HERE.  You can register for a drop-in by choosing “CrossFit SL Classes” from the dropdown HERE

B.  If you don’t have CrossFit experience and are ready to start, please register for our CrossFit Basics classes here.  Before joining our regular CrossFit classes, you will need to attend both the lower body and upper body basics classes.   Each class is 20 dollars.

Please fill out this FORM or email us at if you are unsure if the Basics series is right for you or if you have questions.   We’ll get back to you within 24 hours on weekdays and by Monday afternoon for weekend messages.  

C. Not interested in CrossFit?  Check out our other classes HERE.

Please email for questions.  We also offer licensed Physical Therapy services, personal training, online program access memberships, and other non-CrossFit classes.