We always make a big deal of first pull ups or muscle ups, but we rarely make a big deal of squat depth achievements.  Getting past parallel on your squats is a HUGE goal and one I want everyone to focus more on.  Please start giving yourself credit for your progress toward full depth squats.  Use something that helps you gauge your depth; a box, a ball, a chair, etc.  As you get better, you will be able to use something lower.  Proper squat technique will decrease your risk of injury and greatly increase the strength of your entire lower body.   Remember that proper depth must come with proper knee and chest position as well.

Thursday’s WOD:

Bodywt Skill: Box Jumps 5×3 at 90% of best jump

Strength: Deadlift  5×5 at 80%



3 Rounds:

Strict Pull Ups 5

Decline Push Ups 10

Weighted Step Ups 15  (35lbs, 25lbs) each hand

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