This test week and cycle, we will be utilizing the Fitness Level feature of BTWB to help us see our progress.  For more details, please go here.   Please log your workouts all week so you can see your fitness level in each area.  I will also post three extra WODs for the speed, endurance, and bodyweight sections.  Let’s see how many of you will do the extra credit!   If you are uncomfortable posting for everyone else to see, you can make it private.  Only I or Joanie will see your scores.  I would also ask you to think about why you don’t like posting.  Your effort and commitment is what matters.  Not your standings or numbers.  The fitness level score is a way for us to see our weak areas, work on them, and to see progress in an overall way vs just one workout.   I will use myself as an example:  My running times are as slow as they get, but I am grateful I can run at all.   My fitness level score for anything endurance is 11 or lower.  It is almost comical.  My oly and power lifts are in the high 90s (highest score possible is 99).   I love to lift heavy things and then sit down.  But I feel the healthiest when I work on all aspects of my fitness, endurance, lifting, etc.   I will never have a high 90s score in running, maybe in a sprint to save my child, but never in endurance.  BUT, maybe I could get it up to 20?  Is 20 still considered low? Yea.  But is twice as good as I am now?  Yes.  Would I be fitter overall if I could improve my endurance 100%?  Let’s find out!

So please get those workouts in to the best of your current abilities and let’s see what we can do!  If you are unable to RX a particular workout that is measuring one aspect of the fitness level, let’s find another one you can Rx so you can get a score and let’s work on the movements in the programmed workout that are holding you back.

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