Frequently Asked Questions

I heard CrossFit was dangerous. Is it safe?

CrossFit is absolutely safe when you start at your own level and listen to your coaches on proper technique, weight choice, and safety in class. With any physical endeavor there is the chance of injury. With proper training and progression you can avoid the majority of all injuries.

I am out of shape and overweight. Can I still join or should I wait to get in better shape?

This question hurts me the most. We are here to help you achieve your fitness goals and where you start is irrelevant. What’s relevant is that you START! Our primary goal is to have everyone feel safe and confident when they come in our doors. We know it can be intimidating, we have all been there in one way or another. Take that first step and let us help you along your way.

I have a multitude of physical or medical limitations or recovering from surgery. Is the CrossFit program appropriate for me?

Please contact us directly via email or phone to discuss your situation and we can see what would be the best approach for you. We are able to scale the workouts to make them appropriate for people of all ages and physical capacities, however some medical conditions or injuries may require a lot more personal attention.

Can I drop in to a class just to see what it’s all about?

Visitors from other CrossFit Affiliates or the like are welcome to drop in.  Please register online via MindBody to handle the waiver and the drop in fee.  If you have no previous CrossFit experience, you are welcome to observe a class to get a sense of what it’s all about, however we do not allow drop ins or trials for people without experience.

Do you have a free class so I can try before I buy?

You are welcome to watch any of our classes to see if you think it’s the right fit for you. We do not offer free trial classes.

If I have been doing CrossFit at another facility and want to visit your facility, can I drop in?

Yes, so long as you have arranged this via email or phone with us ahead of time and you tell us which facility you are visiting from. Drop in fee applies.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have a shower.

Do you have childcare or an area for children?

Yes, there is a dedicated children’s area. Please follow all the rules posted in this area to keep everyone safe.

CFSL Policies

You must give 30 days written notice to terminate your membership. Email is sufficient, just make sure you receive a return email confirming the cancellation.

Your membership starts the day you join until the next month on the same day. Ex: Join May 5th, your visits are good through June 5th. If you pay for 3xweek membership, you receive 13 visits for the month. If you go on vacation for one week, move the visits to the other weeks within that month period. Any discrepancies in your number of visits that we record and you record must be addressed within 30 days.

Pro-rating and refunding: Your membership is not refundable and we will not pro-rate for missed weeks, etc. Under special circumstances we may refund your payment. In this case you will be charged a processing fee of five dollars.

Referrals: if you refer someone to CrossFit and they join as a monthly member, we will upgrade your membership for 1 month to the next level (ex: 3xweek goes to 4xweek). If you already have the unlimited membership, you will receive a discount on your monthly membership.

Late Fees: At this point we do not have late fees. Please be on autopay and make sure your account is up to date so we don’t start motivating with fees.

Basics Series: You must register online for the course. There are no makeup classes or refunds for this class.

Discounts: We currently offer the following discounts: 25% off spouse’s or dependent’s membership (on the lower membership). 20% off Physical Therapy services to monthly CFSL members.

Grandfathered Pricing:  If you are currently are under grandfathered in pricing, you will receive this pricing as long as you maintain your auto pay.  If you cancel your membership for anything other than a major medical leave, you will lose this pricing.

Open Gym Policy:  We do not have stated open gym hours.  You are welcome to perform your own workout when coaches are present in the facility.  Coaches being present outside of class times is not guaranteed, however.   Your membership will be used for open gym use and you are expected to sign into self directed program.  If you are coming in for something like the pull up challenge, you do not need to sign in or use your membership.