As of Tuesday, we had 90 days until the end of the year.  This is the time of year that I see people really struggle to stay with their plan/goal.  The holiday parties, the end of year work demands, the shopping, the stress, the emotional toll holidays take on some of us, etc.   I’m challenging you all to go through the end of the year with your goals still in mind.  To do that I have two ideas.  We’ve done both of these before.  The first is to use the Beyond The Whiteboard app color coding to motivate yourself.   Here is a screenshot of my app with the calendar pulled up.

You can see that if I completed a workout, the date turns blue.  Today’s date will show in red if you are clicking on a future or past date.    The date that you are viewing will be yellow.  I challenge all of you to use the app to track all workouts, including things outside of CFSL.  For the last 90 days of the year my goal is 100%. My calendar will be all blue.  I do light cardio on my off days.  For example, on Sunday the 1st, I rode by road bike for 12mi.  So, I entered that into BTWB.  You must do some physical activity for 30mins or more that you are specifically doing for the sake of exercise.  It could be walking, biking, swimming, hiking, playing sports, gardening, playing outside with kids, etc.   Every month we want you to screenshot your calendar, tell us your goal for that month, tag us, and we will pick someone for a little prize as incentive.

The second challenge is an attendance challenge.  For the month of December, all of those that complete all of their prepaid classes will receive an upgrade in membership in January.  Example:  I am on 3x per week, which is 13 classes in a one month timeframe.  I make all 13 classes for the month of December, in January I will get bumped up to 4 x per week.   I will figure out how to pull all the reports to see who made the challenge, don’t ask me questions on how!  The system is a pain sometimes.   Your job is to check in and show up.   Those of you on unlimited, you must attend more than 22 classes.  Your prize TBD.

So, who is down for these two challenges?  Let’s go.

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