I know eating out can be a real challenge sometimes.  Luckily in California you can pretty much find healthy choices in any restaurant.  Come home with me to Hicksville USA and I will show you a real challenge.  Fried Okra anyone? Here are some things that I use to help me stay the course: If I know what kind of restaurant we are going to i.e., Italian, Mexican, etc.  I start thinking of things I like there that stay close to my desired plan.  Then once I get the menu in hand I start searching for those things.  If I am already thinking of healthy choices, I am less likely to freak out that they have nothing and just order crap or nothing (not eating is not a good choice either) If I am looking at the menu and there really isn’t anything that goes with my plan, like the Mexican place we went last week, I start a conversation with the server.  I make a joke of the fact that I am about to make irritating requests.  They generally want me to feel comfortable so they say something like “Oh, no it’s fine, what do you want”  Then I explain I don’t eat wheat or rice or corn (HI, MEXICAN).  The server at the Mexican place basically brought me a plate of meat and grilled onions/peppers.  The meat was awesome and the server didn’t mind a bit.  Feel free to change the plate however you see fit!  If they are complete asses about it, then go with plan B.  I do occasionally say I have a wheat or corn sensitivity (it’s not a lie because everyone does) or flat out say I am allergic to something.  This will almost always get me what I want to order.


Saturday’s WOD:

“Burpee Chief”

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:

3 Burpee Squat Cleans  (wt: 45kg, 30kg)

6 Push-ups

9 Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

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Stewie · May 12, 2012 at 2:36 am

Not on a weekday? 🙁

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