We offer CrossFit Kids.


What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is CrossFit specifically designed for children and pre-teens. There is a vast difference between how children, pre-teens, and adults build strength. The CrossFit Kids program pays specific attention to these differences and aims to promote fitness at age appropriate levels. CrossFit Kids focuses on making fitness FUN. The skills and lessons your children learn in the CrossFit Kids classes will carry over to their everyday lives and provide strong building blocks as they grow into young adults. Teaching kids at a young age to move better, stronger, and more efficient.

Is CrossFit safe for my child?

Yes. There is a wealth of scientific literature that supports the claim that strength and conditioning is not only safe but beneficial for growing children. There exists a strong correlation between physical activity and increased cognitive functions. Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion states that “a body in motion will stay in motion, and a body at rest will stay rest unless acted on by an external force.” CrossFit Kids is the external force that safely teaches and promotes a LOT of motion. By teaching the proper way to move, these movements safely build strength.  Our program is designed by Ruth Pardue, PT, DPT..

How can my child benefit from CrossFit Kids?

In addition to increasing a child’s or pre-teen’s fitness and athleticism, CrossFit Kids:

  • Instills a lifelong definition of health and positive body image (what you can DO vs. how you LOOK)
  • Reverses prevalent health issues such as obesity
  • Protects against injury
  • Creates a community of like-minded individuals for support and self-confidence
  • Hones life skills such as focus, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and goal-setting

The goal of CrossFit Kids is to provide the knowledge, ability, and skills which will allow our youth to grow and mature instilled with the virtues of an active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives

How Do I Sign My Child Up For Classes?

Please register here. You must check your child into class every time to hold their place as we limit the class size to 8 children.
Prices for CrossFit Kids program is the same as our regular membership. At this time we are offering a combined class for the 3.5-5yo and 6-9yo groups twice per week.  We recommend getting the 10 visit “punch card” for $140.   CFSL members receive a discount, please speak with the coaches about member discount.

Current Schedule:

We are currently not holding CrossFit Kids classes.  We hope to resume soon.