The word competitive can mean so many different things to different people.  It can ilicit positive and negative responses depending upon a person’s experience with competition.  Some of you may not know that CrossFit is becoming a “sport” and drawing very large supporters who are willing to give the winners 250 thousand dollars for winning the annual CrossFit Games.  Actually, the Reebok CrossFit Games now.  The CrossFit Games used to be the only game in town or country.  Now we have competitions popping up all over the place.  In the next two weeks we have teammates going to both Femme Fit and the Lalanne Throwdown.  Personally, I believe competitions like these two can be wonderful for pushing people to experience things that will help them in all aspects of their lives.  Trusting themselves, putting themselves out there and trusting others to support them, allowing themselves to be the best or not be the best, and the list could go on.  I know that CrossFit will balloon into having all sorts of competitions, sort of like triathlons.  I hope that a lot of you have the opportunity and take the chance to participate in an event.

On a smaller scale, we compete every day with ourselves, our teammates, online people we don’t even know.  Work on seeing competition as just a catalyst to achieving your goals.  If someone demolishes your time in the workout, it doesn’t mean you suck and should be thrown to the wolves.  It just means they are really fast at that particular workout.  Congratulate them and congratulate yourself for giving it your best.  Let’s say you come in and try to beat your own time and well it doesn’t go your way.  Analyze your effort for that day, did you really go all in, were you worn out from something else?  Find the answer and move on.  I see in the team, and myself too, frustration and disappointment on occassion with not winning or besting times.  Fitness and health is a life long process.  I am not sure if you know but there will be times in our lives when we will be slowed down and there will be times when we are flying.  Keep challenging yourself and finding ways to motivate yourself to keep working on being as fit and healthy as you can be.  And in the process, find the fun.  Find joy in knocking someone off the board and in return, find the fun in being knocked off.  It means you get a chance to knock them back off again.  It’s fun and motivating!  Not even close to getting on the board?  Well, focus on something that you couldn’t do a month ago and celebrate getting closer to mastery.

In the spirit of getting closer to mastery, enjoy some pull ups tomorrow!

Wednesday’s WOD:

3 Rounds For Time
400m run
15 pull ups
50 squats
15 pull ups

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